DAMA Chicago August Meeting Recap

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Memorable Moments from our August Meeting at Northern Trust :

New to a project? Michael Blaha taught us how to effectively shrink the size of a large, complex database by utilizing reverse engineering techniques. For Michael, reverse engineering databases allows him to provide immediate value in his consulting business. In his presentation, he describes a use case where he reduced a data warehouse from 8500 tables to just 500 core tables WITHOUT losing information, and much more!

Next up was meeting sponsor speaker Frank Rubino presenting a new approach to master data management using MarkLogic. In his presentation, Frank described how to capture data and context without having to rigorously model upfront by using a flexible data model. Additionally, with the MarkLogic “NoSQL-based” approach, organizations can discover data and project views of business entities in real-time with universal indexing. Through various examples, Frank described how MarkLogic integrates data better, faster and with less cost. Not only this, but by enforcing governance, security, and quality across the entire data lifecycle, clients can have complete trust in the product management operations. For more information on Frank’s presentation or to download a copy, please check out our Archives page.

In the afternoon session, John Zachman ‘won the gold’ for his riveting talk on the importance of enterprise architecture. According to Zachman, the perception that Enterprise Architecture is too costly and time consuming must change. And, people also need to stop thinking that Enterprise Architecture belongs solely under the domain of IT. Some memorable quotes from the meeting include:

“Without Enterprise Architecture, you are sure to be ‘out of the game’.

“Enterprise Architecture is not about building IT models. It’s about solving general management problems,” he said. “If we change that perception, and we start with the problem and we figure out how to solve that problem, and then, oh by the way we’re doing Architecture, then we’re going to get a lot of Architecture work done.”

“Unsure where to start? Start with solving one of the chief’s problems.  If you are able to solve the chief’s problem, you’ll be sure to get another problem… and another check to solve it”

Big thank you Northern Trust for the unbelievable space and hospitality. And thank you to Mark Logic for sponsoring the event and of course all our members for making this meeting one of our bests!

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