Meeting Update: August 15th Session is One Not to be Missed!

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Chicago DAMA is happy to announce that on August 15, Nielsen is hosting Chicago DAMA in Schaumburg for the second time this year.  Two interesting speakers will give us their perspectives on “Cloud” and on “Overcoming the Limitations of E/R Modeling”.  No advanced registration is needed to attend this meeting.

Our morning speaker will be Dr. Gordon Everest, Professor Emeritus of the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.  A prominent speaker at many conferences around the world, Gordon has specialized in teaching Computers and Information Systems; Database Management, Design, and Administration; Data Warehousing; and the Legal Aspects of Computing at the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Everest has also appeared as an expert witness in many cases involving data security and data privacy.

Dr. Everest says “Current practice in data modeling thinks of attributes in entity tables—relational or the more general ER modeling.  Table-think gets us into trouble, thus requiring normalization.  An alternative approach thinks in terms of objects playing roles in relationships with other objects.  ER/Relational data modeling is dominant today, in practice and in DBMSs.  The traditional focus on entity records with descriptive attributes results in confusion in complex design situation.  We need a different way of thinking about and doing data modeling that avoids the pitfalls of record-based modeling, one that does not require normalization.”

Gordon earned his Ph.D. in Business and Applied Economics, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. His dissertation entitled: “Managing Corporate Data Resources: Objectives and a Conceptual Model of Database Management Systems, became the textbook entitled: “Database Management: Objectives, System Functions, and Administration” published by McGraw Hill.

Our afternoon speaker will be Bob Dein speaking about “Metadata Use Cases You Can Use”.  Currently Bob is a Metadata Solutions Architect for Allen Systems Group (ASG) and while this is not a vendor talk, he will use some of ASG’s Rochade metadata solutions to demonstrate some of the most popular use case scenarios.

Bob will discuss the critical role of sound use case scenario development in metadata solution cost justification, planning, evaluation, acquisition and implementation. The presentation will include:

Why Metadata fails and how sound Use Case Scenarios can help prevent failure

DMBOK Metadata Management 101

Use Case Scenarios 101

Sound Metadata Use Case Scenario Examples

Metadata Use Case Scenario Conclusions

ASG-Rochade/metaGlossary Use Case Scenario Demonstrations

Mr. Dien has been a data management practitioner and member of DAMA for over 25 years working in various capacities such as instructor, developer, DBA and architect on a long list of data solutions engagements in both commercial and government markets. His experiences come from both customer and vendor perspectives, having worked as an employee and consultant for organizations such as Cincom Systems, Cincinnati Public Schools, the US Air Force and Great American Insurance.

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